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Welcome to Gilbert Hoops Club

Gilbert Hoops Club is about player development first and foremost. Our approach is unique amongst clubs in that we teach our youth to play like high IQ high school/college players. While the process may be slower initially, we have found that gains are greater with this type of curriculum.  All of the skills we teach are directly applicable to their future. You will not find us running plays, sets, or systems that work in youth basketball, but are abandoned later in life. This same philosophy has been present for years in European Basketball and Soccer Clubs, but not in youth basketball in the United States. This type of youth development works!


Our mission is to promote life skill development of youth through basketball by emphasizing self-improvement, teamwork, and most importantly enjoying the process. We also intend to provide this opportunity regardless of level of income. GHC is an IRS tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. GHC hopes to change the life path of youth through basketball in hopes that they pay it forward later in life through service and/or charity work.

Club Vision

Our vision is to be a premier youth basketball development academy and develop wonderful basketball minds that are prepared for a future in basketball and in life.


Our approach to player development is based on five basketball players and our offense is without positions. We expect all five players to develop basketball skills regardless of height. In reality, 95% of youth players will be guard/wing players so we are preparing everyone’s skill set with this in mind.  Everyone has to be able to “play” basketball in our system.  Additionally, we use professionals to train our players who do basketball or strength/agility training for a living. They take their jobs seriously and our kids will see more growth in this model as opposed to volunteers/parents.  GHC evaluates our professionals based on growth of players and not based on wins.  In youth basketball the teams that win often recruit the most aggressive athletic kids and they do not objectively get much better at basketball.  Teaching them “how” to play is important because often physical gifts come later in life; therefore, many scouts don’t evaluate boys until the age of 14 or 15.  Of course, as players develop you often win more!!!

Our basketball trainers also review game film and have film sessions during the week to improve player IQ. The mental aspect is very important and our approach with youths reviewing film is quite unique!!! Additionally, practice plans are based on game film and current practice performance in order to maximize player development.

Board Members

  • Jason Lake
  • Adam Bickerstaff
  • Jared Susini

Community Service

We also believe our players should give back to the community and have regular team building service events.